Blockchain Integration


Choose the blockchain and smart contract options that your token will be developed on.

Aggregate liquidity among our network and leading exchanges to get access to 70+ trading venues. 

Creating your own security token, utility token, or ICO gives you the power to start your token economy. 

Launch your token and access new markets with our blockchain integration and smart contract options.


Established in 2009, Shift Markets provides cryptocurrency exchange solutions, brokerage trading technology, crypto & FX liquidity, and digital asset listing services. 

With our seasoned team of FinTech professionals, we combine our network and 40 years of cumulative electronic trading experience to successfully launch over 60 crypto exchanges and over 100 brokerages in the FX space across the globe.

 Our FX broker network and existing infrastructure enables us to list crypto assets on international exchanges and provide clients with 24-hour support services.

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Want to start your own crypto token? Talk to us to get started. 

Start Your Own Crypto Token.

Shift into the world's fastest growing market. 

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  • Choose the blockchain that best suits your strategy and token offering.
  • Turn your assets into security tokens, utility tokens, ICOs, or digital assets of your choice.
  • Integrate flexible smart contract options to provide unique offerings to your customers or fans. 



  • Access our exchange network and get your token exposure from the top crypto exchanges in the world.
  •  Tap into Shift's 60+ client exchanges globally, especially in emerging markets. 
  •  More liquidity for your token and confer legitimacy among the crypto community.


  • Receive dedicated support from our experienced experts 24/7. 

  • Real-time order books, trade history, and liquidity from our partnering exchanges.

  • Automatically generated wallet addresses secured by Google 2FA and other state-of-the-art security innovations.


  • Execute result-driven marketing campaigns, landing pages, and go-to-market strategy.

  • Establish community support and get set up on traditional and crypto social media channels.

  • Get consultations of the description of your coin, trading symbol, branding style, and other guidelines.

Exchange Listings

Automatically generate wallet addresses secured by Google 2FA and other security innovations.

Community Building

We plan your marketing campaign and community development through  social media channels.


Liquidity & Support

Make your token more accessible for users globally with our market making services and 24/7 support.

Get set up in a jurisdiction where your token will be regulated and compliant with applicable laws. 

Tokenize your assets and create your own token economy.

Tokenize your assets and create your own token economy.


Get exposure for your token through our exchange partners.


Turn traditional assets into crypto tokens to provide a variety of benefits including greater liquidity, lower transactions costs, automated & faster settlement times, secure compliance, and fractional ownership, and a true 24/7 market. 

Security Tokens

Initial Coin Offerings

Utility Tokens


Fine Art

Real Estate

Allow retail investors to gain access to the fine arts market and artists an opportunity to benefit from their artwork as equitable investments.  Artists can now have control over the fate and stream of revenues of their artwork through fractional ownership of tokens.

Transform physical assets into tradable digital assets in a market with greater liquidity and lower barrier to entry in asset classes traditionally dominated by institutional investors.

Offer retail investors the ability to own tokens of top buildings like the Empire State Building by tokenizing your real estate and property.  Illiquid assets that are too costly to trade such as this gain greater liquidity through tokenization.

Issue your own tokens to get the required funding needed for your project. Allow for a greater pool of participants to  become invested in your project by offering your tokens and ultimately allowing them to become part of your project.

Incentivize your customers, users, and fans to participate and continue engaging with your platform. Integrate utility tokens into your network and offer a cost-effective and incentivized way to have users interact and invest in your platform or decentralized application.

Create your own security tokens that pay dividends, share profits, pay interest or invest in other tokens or assets to generate profits for the token holders. Turn traditional securities or your equity into tokens that are compliant with security regulations.

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